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Human Body Digest is the best science page for updated content dissecting the human body, including its interesting features, abnormalities, diseases, and more! Unlike other educational pages, we strive for simplicity and easy-to-understand anatomy and guarantee that each unique post will leave you with a deep understanding and newfound ability to converse about current medical topics and news with ease. You can also inspire new discussion posts by submitting interesting human body questions below (& receive a shoutout)! Happy reading!


The goal behind the creation of Human Body Digest is to create an informational page about the inter-workings of the human body for individuals that love science, or those who simply want to discover why and how we function through fun articles. We design our articles and media posts with easy-to-understand language and graphics to prove that science can be simple and fascinating.

What You'll Find

Our website provides easily accessible yet short and understandable science articles that cover current news and advancements, but also fun, amusing topics like hiccups, staring into the sun and sleepwalking. For pocket-friendly info, follow us at @humanbodydigest on Instagram for regular, short and sweet versions of our articles, as well as answers to questions that our readers submit!


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